Motivational Theories in Organizations

An organization is created and designed to fulfill the needs of the people.It is important as it determines how the organization will run it.At the heart of Asda’s success is its organisational culture which has been built over time. At the heart of Asda’s success is its organisational culture which has been built over time.

As discussed in ASDA, communication plays a vital role. Communication is one of the most important factors that contribute to have an effective teamwork. Leaders are specially trained so that they can connect with their team members in a better way. It is important for a leader to be proactive in understanding the problems of his team members, listening and helping or giving advice, helps in building good relationship and results in effective teamwork.

Another important factor that affects the teamwork is recognition and reward. The organization behaviour  provides bonuses and salary hikes to those employees who have shown great results and good performance consistently. Money and rewards, always keeps the employees interested and motivated and thus, helps in developing an effective teamwork.

Leadership can be considered as the backbone for smooth and effective functioning of any team. A team without a captain or leader cannot function on its own. The leader is someone, who a team looks forward to, the leader keeps the team motivated, and the leader defines the goals and explains what is expected from each team member. Thus it is leader who defines the structure of a team. An un-organized team will result in chaos, confusion and insecurity, while a well-organized team will function to the best of its ability. Leader also brings the belief in the work which is very important to build trust among each other. In ASDA, leadership is considered as key element within the organization. The company follows Tiny Noticeable Things, which are being followed by the leaders, which help them improving their bond with the team. For example, the polite behavior, helping the employees at the stores and get involved in the social events makes the employees feel more valued (Dionne, 2004).

It can be concluded from the above report, that understanding organizational behaviour is an important aspect of management. The rules and regulations, the structure and the culture should be such that they complement each other, so that the company can perform better. It is important to have effective leaders in any organization that can motivate the team and defines their goals so that the team as a whole can work effectively. The report also bring out the importance of different organizational theories and motivational theory that acts as the theoretical aspect, which the management can refer in order to take better decision within the organization. The report has studied the organizational behavior of the two companies and have shed light on the various aspects of both and also compared them to show that each organization has different structure, different culture and follows different approaches depending upon the main objective of the company.